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  • Aste Business S.r.l is a young enterprise that is deeply rooted in the world of judicial sales,
  • we can count on an organization composed by experts from various fields, from the real estate sector to that of capital goods, that allows us to sell liquid and illiquid goods with maximum efficiency;
  • we are enrolled in the Register of Telematic Sales Managers valid for all the Italian court of appeal n.65;
  • we are equipped with a Website authorized by the Minister of Justice.

Insolvency proceedings and controlled liquidation

Bankruptcies, judicial liquidations, arrangement with creditors that imply the sale of assets, arrangement with creditors with the purpose of liquidation, controlled liquidation, compulsory administrative liquidation and extraordinary administration

We work as sales specialists ex. Art. 107 comma 1 l.f and ex. Art. 216 comma 2 of the new Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency (D.Lgs. n° 83/2022).
We intervene in procedures of composition with creditors that include the patrimony liquidation, the sale of the enterprise, of its branches or of single assets under Articles 84 comma 8, art. 91 comma 1 e art. 94 comma 5 del D.Lgs. n° 83/2022, ensuring fast and efficient sales in accordance with the principles of advertising and transparency.

Negotiated settlement procedures and simplified arrangement

We offer tools and solutions aimed at ensuring the competitive principles required in the selection of the business buyer or of its branches in the field of negotiated settlement procedures.
Regarding the procedures of simplified arrangement, we provide the liquidators with our know-how and our support in order to search for the best solutions on the market to the transfer of business, of its branches or of specific assets (ex. art. 25-septies comma 2).

Crisis settlement procedures caused by over-indebtedness

Procedures of consumer’s debt restoration, patrimony liquidation, minor composition.
We work as specialized subjects ex art. 71 comma 1 e 81 comma 1 of D.Lgs. n° 83/2022 ensuring proper forms of advertising, maximum information and participation to those who are interested.

Sales as commission agents

Movable executive procedures
We intervene as commission agents ex art. 169-sexies in accordance with the civil procedure, managing every sale aspect of movable seized assets, following the modality included in the code.

Extra-judicial sales

We work in the field of extra-judicial sales of non-core assets of enterprises in a state of crisis or that are dealing with tough situations. We organize competitive and effective auctions that transform liquid and illiquid goods into value within the shortest time possible.

With us you will sell at auction liquid goods effectively, such as trucks, industrial machinery, machinery and construction and ground movement equipment, boats, inventories and stocks, residential real estate, etc.;
You could also sell illiquid goods like special purpose properties, villas, castles but also companies and business branches, marks, credits etc..

SALES SPECIALIST ex. art. 107 comma 1 l.f. and ex art. 216 comma 2 of D.Lgs. n° 83/2022

Optimize your time, eliminate costs and enjoy the support of an experienced and qualified partner.
We will manage every aspect of the sale of goods for you, from inventory to delivery to the successful bidder, respecting the requirements of speed, transparency, publicity and efficiency of sales.
We integrate a commercial approach and maximize the selling price of each assets.


Are you looking for a platform to manage the telematic sale of movable and immovable goods?
We have the solution that suits you: Our website accredited to every Italian court of appeal.
It is easy and intuitive and it will allow you to manage your telematic sale in asynchronous mode in accordance with the D.M. 32/2015.


Would you like to delegate the activity on P.V.P. and that of legal advertising?
We got this: we will make the pubblications on the Public Sales Portal as legitimized subjects.
We will publish the sale notification on authorized websites, tracking the listing and the timeframe.

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Expertise of assets performed by a team of certified engineers enrolled in the Register, specialized in the field and in the application of modern estimation methods;

Safekeeping of movable and immovable property;

Collection, transport and placement of goods in property areas in order to experience the experiments of auction safely and calmly;

Disassembly, packaging and shipping of awarded lots (at the request of the successful tenderer);

Insertion of sales notification on local, national and international papers and digital newspapers;

Disposal of residual waste and cleaning of properties;

Predisposition of guard service;

We owned different warehouses in the country that can be used internally to park vehicles, machinery and equipment while waiting for the competitive auctions to be performed safely and calmly.
The current deposits are: Valeggio Sul Mincio (VR), Verona (VR), Ostra Vetere (AN), Latina (RM).

We are organized for recovery, handling and removal activities for every kind of assets, including those of great dimensions.

Our way of doing marketing: Every type of asset corresponds to a target audience and it requires a specific marketing campaign.
For this reason we have a department that deals only and exclusively with communication.
Communicating with the right audience is not easy, above all for particular assets or for those of great dimensions.
We use digital and analogical tools to support it.

Sell with Us

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