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How It works

Who are we? Auctions types F.A.Q.

Who are we?

Aste Business S.r.l is a telematic auctions house that works in the field of insolvency proceedings as specialized subject ex art. 107 l.f.
It is enrolled in the national register of telematic sales managers at n.65 for all the Italian court of appeal.
The portal owned by Aste Business S.r.l, is a website authorized by the Minister of Justice.

What kind of auctions can you find in

Inside our portal you will find the following types of auctions: timed online auction (eBay model), online blended mode auction, online auction with authentication, advertising, auction by a commission agent, telematic asynchronous auction ex DM 32/2015. Each of them presents specific features that are going to be explained:

  • Timed online auction: in this type of auction, without incanto, it is necessary to enroll in the platform firstly and when the required deposit has been paid, within the timeframe from the indicated date of “beginning of the auction” to that of “ending of the auction”, the participant can add his bids and eventually relaunching them if there are other raising bids.
    In real time the platform will show the current price, number of received bids and if the user is winning or losing the auction.
    By clicking at the writing “Collection of offers/storico offerte” it will be possible to visualize the list of relaunches performed by participants until that moment. In addition, each time the bid of a participant has been exceeded, he will receive a notification mail at his email address included in the enrollment.
    In this type of auction, it could be possible to perform the bid simultaneously for both individual lots and the single one. At the end of the auction, it will be the procedure that determines whether to award the goods to the best received offer for the single lot or for the individual ones, on the basis of the convenience for the procedure.
  • Blended mode auction: this type of auction is without “incanto” and allows the interested parties to choose whether to participate telematically (using the platform or traditionally by leaving the bid in a closed envelope by the place mentioned in the sale notification and being physically present during the auction day or through a delegate.
    The users that decide to take part in the competitive sale telematically have to enroll in the platform firstly and then they will access the auction and make their bail offer by following the instructions.
    On the day referred to as “auction date”, Aste Business team will screen the bids received traditionally or telematically. If two equal bids are present, the one that has been sent earlier in time will be chosen.
    The users that participate telematically must be connected to the platform in order to verify the approval of the offer and to eventually relaunch if there are other bidders.
    Aste Business team will start the competition. From now on, users will see a countdown on screen starting from five minutes. The offers made from now on will cause the restart of the countdown to ensure the maximum competitiveness to all the interested parties.
    The bid closes when other relaunches are being made compared to the current price.
  • Online asynchronous auction (with authentication): this type of auction (with “incanto”), that requires the enrollment in the platform, allows the interested parties to present their offer in order to take part in the auction within the time limit referred to as “Deadline/Time limit for the presentation of the offers”. In order to bid it is necessary to fill in the offer Form including every information needed regarding the “Presenter” (who presents the offer and participates in the auction), the “Bidder/s” (who purchase the good physically), the good (which is the reason why the offer is made) and the offered price. Afterwards, it will be necessary to pay the deposit to confirm the bid.
    Aste Business team will examine the bids and will enable the users that have presented the offer correctly and that have paid the bail.
    At the beginning of the auction, the enabled users will see both the current price clearly, which indicates the best received bid, and the number of the presented bids. From now on util the end of the auction, it will be possible to bid upwards in relation to the current price.
    The participant will see in real time if he’s winning or losing the auction and he will receive an email notification if his bid exceeded so that he will be able to relaunch again.
    It is possible to visualize the overall collection of offers by clicking at the button “Storico offerte” (“Offers collection”)
  • Advertising: In this case it is not a proper auction performed through the platform, but it is an auction advertisement, supported by Aste Business commissioned by the insolvency administrator/judicial liquidator of that procedure.
    In this case the auction is performed through the modality mentioned in the sale notification by the administrator or the notary.
  • Auction by a commission agent: this type of auction is similar to the asynchronous one despite the fact that after the presentation of the bid and the payment of the bail, the enabled user receives two codes that he has to enter in order to access the auction and present the offers. The auction by a commission agent concerns the enforcement upon movable goods.
  • Telematic asynchronous auction ex DM 32/2015: this type of auction differs from the others because it is performed in accordance with the ministerial decree previously mentioned. The major difference has to be found in the bid presentation stage (that allows to participate in the auction) where the presentation of the offer has to be made through the public sales portal, following the guide available at this link:

    In order to participate in this type of auction it is necessary to own a certified mail box (PEC) and a digital signature certificate. The user that intends to present the bid and participate in the auction (the Presenter that could differ from the Bidder) must enroll in the platform, including every information needed. It is fundamental that the entered tax code is correct, otherwise it could compromise the success of the bid.
    After having enrolled, the user has to access to the desired lot, so he has to click the button “Participate in the auction/Bid”. He will be sent to the Public Sales Portal site where he will be able to fill in the offer, following the instruction included in the previous link.
    At the end of the process, when everything has been successfully completed, the bid will be sent from the Public Sales Portal to the website, where it will be examined and approved from our team.
    After the approval, the user will receive by PEC the credential to access the auction that will be composed by two alphanumeric codes called “user code” and “access key”.
    From the beginning of the auction, the user will be able to log into the platform through his credential that he has entered during the enrollment and so he will be able to enter them to access the auction. From now on, as it goes for the other types of auctions, he will visualize the current price and the number of received offers and relaunch up to the amount he desires. If the offer has been exceeded, every user will be notified through email, PEC or SMS.

    It is possible to access the collection of the offers by clicking on the specific label.
    Your bids and the username of the bidders will be visible only to the enabled participants that are following the sale.
    Every auction performed through the platform is subjected to the rule of time extension, meaning that if a user presents an offer for a certain lot within the last five minutes of the competition, the time deadline for that lot and for all the lots that belong to the same auction will be prolonged for other five minutes.


1.1 What does judicial auctions mean?
Judicial auctions are forced sale proceedings through which movable and immovable goods, that derive from insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy, arrangement with creditors, extraordinary administration etc…), judicial executions, and foreclosures are put on sale in order to satisfy the group of creditors or the single creditor.
In order to get more information and insights it is possible to consult the information sheets published on our site and available at these links:
- Insolvency procedures
- Comprare casa all'asta

1.2 What role does Aste Business play?
Aste Business S.r.l, owner of the platform, is a telematic auctions house enrolled in the Register of telematic sales Managers at n.65 for all the Italian court of appeal. It works in the insolvency field as specialized subject ex. art. 107 l.f. and it intervenes in the process of sales management, providing the administrator with assistance and support needed, managing the liquidation and performing the activities and obligations needed in accordance with the procedure.

1.3 What kinds of auctions can I find on the platform?
On the platform you can take part in online auctions without incanto, timed online auctions, online blended mode auctions, online auctions with authentication, advertising, auctions by a commission agent and telematic asynchronous auctions ex DM 32/2015.

1.4 What kinds of goods are put on sale on the platform?
In the capacity of telematic auctions house, enrolled in the Register of telematic sales Managers at n.65 for all the Italian court of appeal, on the platform you will find auctions of goods derived from insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy, arrangement with creditors, extraordinary administration compulsory administrative liquidations etc…). There isn’t any auction of goods coming from private sectors or Leasing.

1.5 What is the difference between an auction and a private sale?
Apart from the nature of the sale itself, in the judicial auctions there is no warranty because they are forced sales. The purchase is conducted in the rule of law and fact on which the good is located under the famous clause “seen and liked”.

2.1 Is it possible to visit the goods before the auction?
The viewing of goods on sale is allowed after getting an appointment, by sending an email to the referent indicated on the page of each lot or by clicking at the button “Ask for viewing” and by filling in the Form. When the auction is being published, one or more days are usually scheduled in order to perform the viewing. These are indicated on the auction tab under “Description”. If an interested party can’t be physically present, Aste Business will schedule for him another day after making a request.

2.2 What kinds of document do I have to carry?
It is advised to carry the personal identification document and the list of the desired lots, in order to simplify the process. On particular occasions other documents may be needed and Aste Business team will ask for them when scheduling the viewing.

2.3 Why do I have to sign for the statement of viewing?
Aste Business wants to be transparent and so it provides the procedure with the list of the people who have visited the goods on sale.

2.4 Do I have to pay in order to visit the goods?
Absolutely not. Viewing the goods is always priceless and it is performed directly by those responsible.

2.5 Other useful information?
The examination will be performed under the responsibility of the interested party, including the operations needed to access the places where goods are preserved, freeing Aste Business and the procedure from responsibility.

3.1 Who is allowed to participate in an auction?
Everyone, apart from the debtor, can participate in a judicial auction, whether he is an individual or an organization.

3.2 I’ve seen an interesting lot, how do I bid??
In order to bid it is necessary to create an account (which is priceless) by enrolling in the website and so accessing the lot in question and clicking at the button “Take part in the auction/Bid/Make an offer” and following the instruction on the platform, according to the typology of auction.

3.3 What is a single lot?
Some auctions might allow simultaneous offers for the single lot and for the individual ones. When the auction closes, the administrator will choose whether to proceed with the award of the single lot or of the individual ones, depending on the convenience for the procedure.

3.4 Where do I find the sale conditions of an auction?
You could read and download the notification of the competition under “DOCUMENTS”, that includes the conditions to sell and participate regarding a certain auction on the auction page or in that of the lot.

3.5 Why is a bail necessary?
The bail requested when presenting an offer from the interested parties is necessary to ensure the realness of the interest of the participant in purchasing the good, in order to avoid any disturbing of auction.

3.6 How can the bail be paid?
The bail can be paid by bank transfer or by credit card, following the instructions on the platform. Some auctions may accept further types of payment so we advise the participants always to look carefully at the sale notification.

3.7 Am I forced to bid after having paid the bail?
No, unless the payment is performed simultaneously to the presentation and if it is set by the sale notification.

3.8 If I have already paid for a bail, can I ask for that to be used to participate in another auction?
It is possible after having sent the request to the email address

3.9 Why does certain lots require specific deposits?
The telematic timed auctions usually require a bail to pay in order to participate in the auction for all the lots. If the lots are valuable, it may be asked for a specific bail.

3.10 Can I participate on behalf of another natural or legal person?
By enrolling in the website, you will participate and award lots with the information you have entered. If the participation data differs from that of the award, it will be necessary to obtain the authorization from the procedure organs after having presented the specific documentations. We always advise to enter the data of the natural/legal person that will physically conclude the purchase.

3.11 If I don’t win the auction, would the bail be refunded?
The bail will always be refunded in case of losing the auction, in the same way it has been paid. In particular, if the payment has been made by credit card the refund is immediate; by contrast, if the payment has been made by bank transfer the refund will be performed within 7 days, less bank expenses.

3.12 If I win the auction, how will the bail be managed??
The bail that has been paid during the participation in the auction is retained and returned when the payment of the awarded good and of the additional charges (auction commissions, charges etc..) have been made, unless it is charged against the price. The bail may be returned when the withdrawal operations end, if it is contemplated in the sale notification.

3.13 What is the base price?
The base price indicates the starting point of the lot, except for auction commissions, applicable VAT and other possible charges.

3.14 What is the minimum bid?
The minimum bid stands for the minimum amount that you can offer for a specific good. That amount is not always present and depends on the type of auction

3.15 Can I make offers lower than the base price/minimum bid?
No, it is not permitted to bid below the base price or the minimum offer (if it is present).

3.16 What is a bid increment?
A bid increment stands for the minimum amount of raise compared to the current price, so the best offer until that moment.

3.17 What is a reserve price?
A reserve price indicates the minimum value under which the procedure can decide not to proceed with the award of the goods. It can be visible or not. In the case in which it is not visible, it will be “reached” or “not reached” depending on the value of the current price. In most cases auctions that are performed on Aste Business platform don’t include reserve prices.

3.18 Can I purchase a lot outside the auction?
No, all the goods put on sale through the platform can be purchased only and exclusively at auction. It is not possible to purchase goods outside the auction or privately.

3.19 How can I understand if I am winning or losing the auction?
At the beginning of the auction the platform will provide the current price (equal to the best received bid), the number of offers in real time and informs every participant if he’s winning the competition or not.

3.20 Do I receive a notification if my bid has been exceeded?
Of course, each time your bid has been exceeded, the platform will send an email at the address entered during the enrollment phase. For some auction, the platform will send a notification by PEC or SMS too.

3.21 What is time extension?
It is a mechanism that is used for telematic sales and it ensures the maximum possible competitiveness. If a user relaunches your best offer during the last minutes of the competition (five or less), the time deadline will be prolonged for another five minutes so you can relaunch too.

3.22 There haven’t been any relaunches for the lot that I’m winning but the time restarted anyway
Time extension doesn’t apply to the single lot but to the whole auction. The sale will be prolonged to the bitter end if offers are being placed during the last minutes (five or less).

3.23 I won the auction but a higher offer has been placed
For sales regulated by the 107 Article of the bankruptcy law, in accordance with the fourth paragraph, it is contemplated that the administrator can suspend the sale if a final improving offer is placed for an amount not less than 10% of the offered price. In that case you will be contacted by Aste Business team that will provide you with the necessary instructions. This can happen also during sales with incanto, performed in accordance with the c.p.c.. The 584 Article allows only for sales with incanto the possibility that, within the ten following days from the temporary award, everyone can make an offer that exceeds the price reached during the incanto by a fifth. Anyways, we advise you to read the sale notification carefully.

4.1 What charges are there besides the awarding price?
The awarding price has to be added to the Buyer’s Premium, the assistance charges and the VAT (where it is applicable on the lots, on the Buyer’s Premium and on the assistance charges). If present, other additional charges are mentioned in the lot page, as well as in the sale notification and when confirming the offer. Remember that every expense regarding the transfer of ownership of registered assets as well as the expenses linked to the collection of the goods are borne by the buyer.

4.2 What is the Buyer’s Premium?
The Buyer’s Premium is the auction commission that is applied by Aste Business on the awarding price borne by the tenderer. It is applied in percentage form, next to the current price.

4.3 Is VAT always applied on the Buyer’s Premium and on the other charges?
VAT of 22% is applied on the buyer’s premium and on other additional charges in accordance with the law. In case of purchase of foreign subject with valid VAT number, VAT will not be applied.

4.4 What is the subscription to the VIES and what happens if the procedure is not registered?
The VIES is a system that controls the commercial transactions inside the European Union and between VAT number holders. If the procedure is not registered to the VIES, VAT will be applied also to European buyer.

4.5 If I am a regular exporter, do I have to pay VAT?
No, but you have to send the Declaration of intent for VAT exemption firstly.

4.6 4.6 I have to export the awarded assets abroad; do I have to pay VAT?
In accordance with the law, in case of exportations for extra European clients the payment of VAT is always requested in order to guarantee the right exportation and to avoid penalties. The amount will be retained until the exportation has successfully been made and it will be refunded after the presentation of the concerning documents.

4.7 I won the auction, what do I have to do?
You have to wait. Within maximum of 3 days, Aste Business will send you the confirmations of the award with the instructions to proceed with the payment of the price and the auction commissions (Buyer’s Premium) as well as other additional charges (if present).

4.8 How much time do I have in order to pay the price?
The timeframe for the payment of the awarding price and the commissions is indicated in the auction tab and in the sale notification.

4.9 If I don’t pay within the deadline, what happens?
In case of non-payment of the awarding price or the auction commissions within the timeframe, the award is revoked causing the loss of the paid bail and the possibility that the procedure asks for compensation for greater damage. The awarded goods will be put on sale again through the platform or will be award to the best following bidder, in accordance with what is set by the sale notification.

4.10 I purchased a registered movable good, how do I proceed with the paperwork?
The paperwork related to transferring is performed through a company appointed by Aste Business that will contact you in order to define the type of paperwork and provide you with a quote.

4.11 Do I have to pay for the deletion of liens if they are found in tracks?
The deletion of liens is borne by the successful tenderer, except in cases where it is directly performed by the procedure following the Decree from the G.D.

4.12 The vehicle I’ve purchased has no documents
Through the statement of award made by Aste Business, the company in charge will produce documents ex novo.

4.13 The payment has successfully been made, when can I collect the goods?
After verifying the accreditation, Aste Business team will contact you by email, providing you with days available to collect the goods. In case of registered movable goods, it is possible to collect them after completing the paperwork concerning the transfer of ownership.

4.14 Is it possible to use equipment in place to move, load and collect the awarded goods?
No, it is not possible to use the equipment present on the spot. The buyer has to be completely independent and equipped with the trucks needed to proceed with the collection. Remember that the operations are exclusively borne by the successful tenderer.

4.15 Can I visit the goods before collecting them?
The visit of goods is allowed before the auction. After the auction it will be possible to visit the awarded lots by paying.

4.16 Who will supervise the withdrawal operations?
Withdrawal operations will be supervised by Aste Business team or by the staff in charge, subject to exceptions.

4.17 What are the costs of supervising the withdrawal?
Except as stated in the sale notification, the supervision is priceless for the first day, while it will have a variable cost from 150 to 300 euro/gg for the following days plus VAT in accordance with the law and it will be borne by the successful tenderer.

4.18 I need more days to collect the goods, how can we organize?
In this case you have to send an email to Aste Business that will contact you to define a timetable for withdrawing together. Based on that, the charges of the supervision will be calculated and they will be set before the work start date.

4.19 What types of documents should I bring on the day of the withdrawal?
The award confirmation, identification documents and additional signed releases from Aste Business. If transporters, courier or third-party in general are implied, it is necessary to sign a specify proxy.

5.1 What it is?
My AsteBusiness is your personal area that you can check after logging in, by clicking at the button “Welcome” at the top right.

5.2 Why should you use it?
It is an area where you can constantly track the lots you’re interested in and the current bids, check the awarded lots and update your information.
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