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If you are an insolvency curator, a commissioner or a judicial liquidator and you are reading this article, you have probably already dealt with the sale of a company, a brand or a property on auction.

Surely you have noticed that placing this kind of asset on the market is a lot more complex and expensive than selling more common goods like vehicles, machineries, houses or apartments.

Maybe you relied on some sale specialist, website of online auctions and telematic sale managers without achieving the desired results.

In this article we will see together three mistakes that are commonly made by business operators.
At the end we will provide you with our solutions and our effective approach.

Mistake n.1: Adopting the same strategy, regardless of the typology of the goods to sale

Would you use the same strategy to sell at auction a vehicle and an industrial building?
The answer seems obvious but we can assure you that it is not.

In the majority of cases, in fact, companies always and constantly apply the same operational approach that consists on:
  • publishing the competitive auction on the portal of the specialized subject or of the sale manager
  • publishing on PVP and legal advertising
  • Google Ads marketing activities and newsletter to the subscribers
Even though this modality ensures the compliance with the standard concerning sales deriving from insolvency proceedings, it can work for convenience goods but can be unsuccessful to sell a property, a company or a brand.

Goods that belong to different product categories correspond with specific target audience that requires specific communicative channel in order to be reached correctly.
This is where the second mistake originates.

Mistake n.2: Lack of market knowledge

Would you trust a car dealership with the sale of a property at auction?
Obviously, the question hides the answer and the reason is simple: the car dealership will never have the knowledge of the market and the abilities needed to sell a property.

Ignoring the trends that regulate a specific sector, not knowing how to identify and where to find potential buyers are well-known issues that often imply a massive waste of time and resources.

Mistake n.3: Not using user-friendly platform and not adapting the marketing campaigns

The sale has been published on PVP, on legal advertising websites and by using tools of digital marketing, but you still haven’t sold the property, the company or the brand.

Sure, maybe they are not attractive, the market is saturated or they need more time to be sold, but often the problem is at the root.

Even though the public sale portal is useful to ensure a place where look at the various auctions promoted by Italian courts, it is not very user-friendly and it has been optimized from the perspective of SEO. In other words, it is unlikely that the right buyer for the brand you’re trying to sell at auction sees the ads on PVP and contacts you.

Speaking of digital marketing we need to specify that the number of visualizations is useless if the quality of the target audience is lacking.

For instance, would you ever buy a property after seeing that it is promoted by a classical display ad that appears while you’re peacefully browsing a website, looking for something else?

We guess not at all. The same goes for potential buyers of properties, brands and companies at auction.

Reaching decisional profiles of investors, companies and other requires the use of professional tools and a network of experts from the sector.

A marketing campaign is useless if it is not built on the typology of the good to sell and on the target audience.

Are you curious about the other strategies and solutions that us from Aste Business offer in order to sell properties, companies and brands at auction?
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