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In this article we'll be answering the second question, which is why Aste Business is the right choice to make among the other solutions on the market.
Speaking the truth, there are plenty of companies that work as sale specialists in the field of insolvency proceedings. All of them provide an excellent and complete service without charges for the procedure, looking after every sale aspect and adopting ad-hoc marketing strategies.
Some of them use their platform to manage the competitive procedure ex art.107 of the bankruptcy law, many other benefit from software of companies that have been working in the sector for years.
The market is now saturated with offers therefore it is necessary to stand out and us from Aste Business succeed in it. How? Starting from two key words that are often inappropriately used: strategy and experience.
Without the experience it is impossible to approach a task strategically. As a result, all the upcoming activities will look wrong or ineffective.
Placing a property complex of 50 apartments on the market is not the same as selling a house. Alienating a company or a brand is certainly not the same as selling mobile equipment. It is the target audience that changes, the tools that the audience usually uses to collect information, the timeframes, everything changes.
Us from Aste Business can count on a company composed by experts from every sector: from immovable goods to brands, from commercial vehicles to industrial machinery to boats.
This will enable us to know target markets and to define the proper strategy to sell every asset at the best price possible within the shortest time. On the basis of goods to sell we are able to identify the target audience of potential buyers and we subdivide goods into uniform lots, ensuring a fast sale.
That's not all: experience and professionality can be perceived not only during inspections with those interested but also during the fulfillment of information requests. Due to the increasing number of insolvency proceedings of the last few years and to the development of web technologies, more and more users are approaching to the world of auctions to purchase their house, their vehicle or their machinery.
Being able to answer all the requests of the client, from that of technical nature concerning the competitive auction to those linked with the reference asset, is something we can boast of and that ensure the best competitiveness possible.
This is the key. This is the solution to really maximize every asset. What it comes after are essential concepts that come easily.
Technology and our approach enable us to increase the standard of sales regarding insolvency proceedings.
Why not do it?
If you have goods to sale and you want to receive our support, please visit our section “Sell with us”.
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