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In the field of asset liquidation of insolvency proceedings, in case of bankruptcy (judicial liquidation with the introduction of the new code of business crisis), arrangement with creditors regarding a liquidation or another procedure, the expert has to proceed with the sale of the assets following the liquidation plan made and approved by the procedure organs.
In this article a very important question will be answered, such as: What are the advantages for a professional of delegating the liquidation?
The next article will be answering another important question, such as: Why should you chose Aste Business among all the different available solutions?
The sale must take place in a competitive way ex art. 107 of the bankruptcy law and it implies a range of direct and additional activities that have to be performed by the curator (in case of bankruptcy), by the liquidator (in case of Composition with creditors regarding the liquidation), etc. simply to ensure the compliance with the standard. These are:
  1. Inventory and classification of goods;
  2. Choice of the asset valuer and his tasks;
  3. Management of the cognitive inspections with those concerned;
  4. Management of information requests
  5. Advertising ex art.490 (Public sales Portal and authorized website);
  6. Writing of sale notifications and additional documents;
  7. Management of the competitive procedure;
  8. Writing of the Statement of Award;
  9. Management of the procedures of property transfer and delivery of goods;
These activities are performed directly by the professional or by someone delegated by him but actually, they hide a series of issues that have one common denominator: they all INVOLVE COSTS, above all in terms of time and organization. .
If you’re reading this article and you are (or you have been) a bankruptcy administrator/ judicial liquidator etc, you have probably already received calls or emails from potential buyers that maybe were new in the sector and they asked for weird information, often out of context. Or maybe, you had to juggle commitments to allow those interested to perform the inspection just to find out they had forgotten to inform you that they wouldn’t come. Not to mention the activities on the public sales Portal and the obligations of the legal advertising, from the management of the auction procedure to the related post-sale phase, with the redaction of the Statement of Award, procedures of transfer, delivery of goods etc..
Anyways, there are lots of activities and they’re not so easy to carry out by experts that are already full of work commitments and important deadlines.
Surely you understand the advantages of delegating these tasks. Obviously, above all when it comes to insolvency proceedings, the delegated subject has to be trustworthy and must have remarkable experience in this sector.
Relying all these tasks to a sale specialist such as Aste Business S.r.l, will allow you not only to save money and time, but also to receive the support of a well-organized and professional company that will be able to optimize every aspect of the sale, in accordance with the standard.
The enrollment to the Ministerial Register of Sales Manager completes our profile that can boast of being honorable and trustworthy, something that should be a matter of course.
At this point we have answered to the first question completely. In the next article we will see why people should rely on us and how we ensure the best sale price of every asset, by using a strategic approach.
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