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A brand that has continuously anticipated trends and techniques, a story of innovation filled with a host of major international acknowledgements.
Teuco's many patents make whirlpool history.


  • 1972: TEUCO is established and a new bathroom concept takes shape.
  • 1974: TEUCO gains in popularity when the MoMa exhibits the Doccia Tonda (round shower) made of coloured methacrylate, Teuco's most representative symbol of Italian style applied to design and technology.
  • 1980: A few years later, the functionality and comfort of showers and bathtubs are significantly enhanced thanks to the introduction of electronics.
    The first Turkish bath in an enclosure is launched.
  • 1994: TEUCO focuses on Duralight® and started up its first production plant dedicated to this material, producing it both in slab form as well as moulds for companies in the furniture industry. Ever since, Teuco has had exclusive rights to formulate and process Duralight®.
  • 1995: Hydrosonic® patented. No-one else had until then teamed whirlpool baths with the benefits of high frequency sound waves.
  • 2006Hydrosilence® patented, the first whirlpool baths with the benefits of high frequency sound waves.
  • 2011: TEUCO invents the invisible whirlpoolHydroline® is the first patented system where the classic nozzles have been replaced by minimalist slits which ensure the continuity of the material. An elegant styling idea which retains all the efficiency of the best whirlpool on the market.
  • 2013: TEUCO surpasses itself by applying the exclusive Hydroline® patent to acrylic bathtubs too.

TEUCO has learned to mould shapes and technologies to turn every bathroom into a unique, highly personal space.

Its aptitude for research has led TEUCO to devise an extraordinary material such as Duralight®, a versatile service like Unlimited, the three patented systems, Hydroline, Hydrosilence®, Hydrosonic® and the first Turkish bath in an enclosure.
So TEUCO does not merely stand for beauty and design, but most of all for flexibility, innovation and safety. To cater to the needs of those who want the most from water.

The numbers

  • TEUCO is the leader with a European market share of around 15% of the total.
  • turnover of around 26 million euro in 2016.
  • four branches in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia as well as a solid presence in the growth markets of the new Europe with over 88 external collaborators.

The current situation

Today, the entire TEUCO SPA company consisting of  trademarks, patents, movable capital goods, semi-finished products, etc., is for sale on our platform and can be purchased by participating in the online competitive auction which will expire on April 12, 2021 03:30 P.M..

The base price for the acquisition of one of the world leaders in the sector is set at 1.537.500 euro.


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