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Insolvency proceedings and online auctions are still an unknown topic for many people but during the last few years they are becoming very attractive, also due to the global crisis and the COVID pandemic.

Auctions of movable, immovable and immaterial goods derived from insolvency and executive proceedings that were initially “managed” by a restricted group of “experts” are now becoming widely spread thanks to web technologies and to the introduction of telematic auctions.

These in particular allow to participate in the sales from the comfort of your home or of your office. You just need an Internet connection.

Through his online auction platform, Aste Business makes the assets of an insolvency procedures appealing to the majority of the public, simplifying the user experience at most and providing them with help at every stage, starting from the participation to the delivery of goods.

Simplifying the purchase at auction means ensuring competitiveness and transparency requested by the bankruptcy norm, maximizing the sale price of every asset.

What does insolvency proceedings mean?

Insolvency proceedings are a range of procedures designed to give a solution to a state of crisis of a business company by regulating the relations with creditors.
The insolvency proceedings that are currently regulated by the Italian law are:
  • the bankruptcy: the insolvency procedure, which is ordered by the judicial authority and that allows the liquidation of the insolvent debtor’s patrimony with the aim of dividing the income among the creditors;
  • the composition with creditors: it consists in a deal between the entrepreneur and his creditors, concluded under the supervision and the endorsement of the Court, thanks to which the businessman can overcome the crisis of his company avoiding the bankruptcy declaration. In short, through the composition, the debtor agrees with the creditors on the modality through which he will pay for his debts following a plan which has to be approved by the creditors;
  • the compulsory administrative liquidation: administrative insolvency procedure, meaning that the liquidation of the enterprise is conducted by administrative organs and not by judicial ones. It is a procedure that applies to a series of enterprises indicated by special laws, such as credit institutes, bank enterprises, insurance companies, cooperatives etc…that are subjected to supervisory activities from the public administrator, justified by the importance of the activities that they conduct for the society;
  • the extraordinary administration: it is made for large enterprises and its main purpose, apart from satisfying the creditors, is to preserve the production site in order to restore the patrimony and safeguard workplaces.

Opening the insolvency proceedings implies that the enterprise:
  • is in state of insolvency
  • owns dimensional requirements (art.1 comma 2 of the bankruptcy Italian law);

The insolvency proceedings are designed to satisfy all the creditors involved in the procedure, giving each of them a proportional amount of the income resulting from the sale of the debtor’s assets.

The service for insolvency administrators, commissioners and judicial liquidators
In the field of movable and immovable goods derived from insolvency proceedings, we work as specialized subjects ex art.107 comma 1 of the bankruptcy law.
We intervene in the sale management, providing the expert with assistance and support needed, whether he is the insolvency administrators, the judicial liquidator or the commissioner liquidator, managing the liquidation and respecting the obligations agreed with the procedure.
We guarantee a tailored and complete service without any charge for the procedure that can maximize the sale price of every asset.
We provide an easier and more profitable solution for the sale than the usually available offers on the market, concerning both the administrator/procedure and the users interested in participating in the auction.
What makes us different from our competitors and from websites where notifications of insolvency proceeding sales are published is the way we approach to the sale and to the related activities. By using specialized marketing strategies and our business we are able to find potential clients for the goods on sale, managing every stage of sales completely.
A whole service able to satisfy everyone.
Aste Business S.r.l, owner of the online auction platform is enrolled in the Ministerial Register of Telematic Sales Managers with n.65 and it is accredited to every Italian court of appeals.
If you are a professional and you would like to know us better or understand what we can do for you, you can contact us by filling the FORM in this PAGE or by calling the indicated numbers.
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